Men’s Health

Disappointed ManBiological make-up and distinctive character attributes signify the contrast among men and women.  Despite the fact that men have a tendency to have more physical stamina than ladies, men tend to disregard their bodies and therefore their well-being.  Although the life span gap amid men and women may have diminished, the reality is that men should give careful consideration to their well-being  When it comes to health issues men are often at a disadvantage.  Men are more prone to smoke and drink than women.  They have a tendency to be more inclined to work related anxiety as they frequently characterize themselves by their professions.

Men’s health problems are a worldwide concern, and with the male to female proportion of 1:10, the male population has noticeably fallen behind.  A lot of men’s health issues can be treated with male enhancement products but some need more complex treatment; for example, coronary illness, STD’s, erectile dysfunction, obesity diabetes, prostrate and colon cancer are growing to a disturbing rate as men are becoming careless about their health and are frequently hesitant to look for medical guidance.  One of the most common health issues among men is prostate cancer.  Research on men’s health problems show that lean men are more prone to prostate disease than overweight men.

Recent research found conflicting evidence as it was later discovered that obesity can increase the risk of prostrate cancer.  Prostate cancer is harder to find in the beginning stages among overweight men until the illness gets to be incurable and aggressive measures may not be enough in the final stages.  The best plan of action for prostate cancer is still prevention along with healthy eating and exercise. Sexually transmitted disease’s and HIV/AIDS are also two of the most frightening men’s health issues.  Some men have a tendency to have different sexual partners without the practice of using condoms, men are by and large at danger for sexually transmitted illnesses, for example, gonorrhea, herpes, syphillis, and HIV/AIDS.

Men’s health issues on STD’s are becoming a big problem as the percentage of HIV/AIDS among men rises. Obesity is additionally one of the common men’s health problems. Distracted by work and unaware of their sedentary way of life men are likely to be overweight.  Preventive and aggressive action must begin for obesity in order to decrease the risk of heart disease in men.  Erectile dysfunction is also one of the most untalked about men’s health issue.

Erectile DysfunctionAlso known as impotence, erectile dysfunction can bring about so much disappointment in sexual fulfillment. Erectile dysfunction can cause physiological or psychological problems in men or can be an indication of another health problem like diabetes.  In many cultures, men are expected to be the breadwinners and have complete responsibility over their families as well as keep up with the world’s expectations of masculinity. For this reason men are more prone to stress and live unhealthy lifestyles. It is time that men pay attention to these growing health problems.

With the large imbalance of the male/female ratio, it is not a surprise that men’s health issues are becoming a huge concern. Men’s health issues need to be addressed to save the depletion of the male population.